Coffee Makers

Coffee makers can sometimes be compatible only with their specific brand, especially in the case of coffee pods or "cups". There are multiple types of coffee makers, giving you a wide variety of options to choose from when making your morning coffee. The 5 most popular are: Drip Coffee Maker, Single Cup Coffee Maker, Espresso machine, French Press, Moka Pot and the Percolator.

Drip Coffee Makers heats the water internally, then runs it through ground coffee placed in a paper filter. The biggest benefit to drip coffee makers is that you can make many cups simultaneously, and the coffee is collected in a pot sitting on a hot plate to keep it warm. Drip coffee makers have been the standard for the most part of the 20th century.

Currently the most popular is the Keurig single serve machine, which uses k-cups and a patented brewing system to produce a consistent brew. As the name suggests, they're a single serve machine that can only brew 1 cup at a time. This is made up for by the convenience of very simple operation and a wide number of flavours. The number of possible coffees used in this machine can be opened up to all of the coffee world with a Perfect Pod EZ Cup. Single serve brewers have come under fire for using k-cups that are not recyclable, causing massive amounts of waste.

Espresso Machines make a concentrated form of coffee in a specialty machine. Similar to a drip coffee maker, it heats the water and runs it through a steel-meshed filter at high pressure. Espresso is typically 1/8th the quantity of coffee, but at a much stronger concentration. Espresso machines are the first step for creating lattes that can be flavoured with flavoured syrups.

French Presses brew coffee by pouring pre-heated water (just before boiling point) onto coarsely ground coffee, waiting for 4-5minutes then plunging the mesh to cease the brewing process. They are known to create much stronger coffees that retain all their essential oils because it's not passed through a paper filter. Coffee aficionados swear that french presses produce a much more exquisite tasting coffee.

Moka Pots (also known as stove-top espresso makers) are heavy duty steel machines that are literally placed on a stove pot. Using an ingenuitive 3 compartment system, water is actually forced upwards through the coffee grounds into the top chamber. The diagram on the linked page explains. Like a french press, there are no paper filters which creates a much more genuine coffee taste.

Coffee percolators actually cycles water through a heat pump and coffee grounds repeatedly, getting stronger with each pass. These are typically fun to try (if you know someone who can use it), but don't make the best coffee makers.

Coffee machines in Canada have to follow appliance guidelines, and can't just be imported from overseas somewhere.

Coffee makers are currently only available in store.

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