Roast Changes: Espresso+

This page is designed to address questions about the updated roasts on 2016/02/17. It is an informal, living document and will be updated as needed. We welcome your questions.

On February 17th we updated our roast profiles to reflect changes customer had been requesting for some time. We've been working on the new espresso roast level for a few months, have beta tested it with some customers, and are finally ready to roll it out as the "Espresso+".

The Dark roast and previous Espresso roast were similar in the past based on our belief that over-roasting is unnecessary for specialty-grade coffees, and would pointlessly ruin their nuances. However, direct feedback from thousands of customers over the years lead us to understand that it's ultimately your decision how dark to have it roasted and that there is some value to offering a roast beyond our typical "Espresso". We take all your suggestions and comments very seriously, even if we don't take action on them immediately, so keep them coming!

What changed?

We've taken the feedback provided by you and thousands of other customers and used it to adjust some of the dark roast a little darker to compensate for the removal of "Espresso", however most Dark roasts remain unchanged.

We've added more roasting time to all the Espresso roasts (now temporarily designated "Espresso+" for clarity) to be more in line with other brands' darkest roasts. While you lose some differentiation in specialty-grade coffees, this should provide more of a "super dark" coffee flavour and more of a mouthfeel.

Can I use an "Espresso+" roast in my coffee maker?

Yes! Any roast can be used in any coffee machine - the grind is what you need to match to your coffee or espresso machine. The Espresso+ will provide a richer, darker coffee flavour at the expense of less-pronounced single origin differentiation.

What if I want the old "Espresso" roast?

We recommend going with the "Dark" roast, which should fill in nicely for the old "Espresso" roast.

Why not just add another roast level beyond Espresso?

There would be too much confusion for both past customers and new customers. Based on the feedback we've received over the past few months from beta testers, the "Dark" roast will satisfy those who want the previous "Espresso" roast and the new "Espresso+" roast provides a new dynamic high end.

Have the espressos in your "Espresso Beans" category changed?

Only the single origin (Colombian Supremo Espresso, Fair Trade Organic Swiss Water Decaf Espresso) will be changing, the remainder of the listings are custom blends that we've had for years (some for decades) and will not be changing.

If you have any concerns or want recommendations about your particular coffee and brewing equipment, feel free to email us! We can't wait to hear your feedback.

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