3 Insanely Great Dark Roast Coffees

We get a lot of people looking for great dark roasted coffee beans, which we’re happy to fulfill. When looking for a good insanely great dark coffee, it’s important to ensure:

  • It’s fresh roasted – the fresher, the more flavour
  • It goes well as a dark roast – isn’t overly bitter or lacking flavour
  • It’s ground properly for your equipment

We handle the roasting and grinding per your instructions, using over 40 years of coffee roasting experience to bring out all the possible dark flavour you’ll absolutely love. While any coffee can be roasted “dark”, some are simply too delicate to taste anything but burnt. Based on customer reviews, here’s our top 3 coffee beans to enjoy in a dark roast:

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Fair Trade Organic

Organic coffees don’t normally make our list for “most flavourful”, but the Yirgacheffe has proved itself time and again as a favourite with some customers noting it retains some fruit flavours even as far as an espresso roast.

Colombian SupremoColombian Supremo

Colombian coffees have long been revered for their well balanced flavour, which extends even into a dark roast. This balanced coffee is added to most blends and is a major component of many major coffee chains.

Sumatra MandhelingSumatra Mandheling

Sumatran coffees are widely regarded as some of the most unique on the market, with deep, complex flavours that last well into a dark roast. Definitely one of the stronger coffees to try in a dark roast.