Future of Coffee Shops is Robotic Baristas

Straight out of the Jetsons… A startup called Briggo at the University of Texas has come up with a self-encompassed robotic barista that takes orders over the internet and makes them automatically. While there are existing machines that will make lattes and cappuccinos, this one is differentiated by the fact that it literally imitates the movements of a barista. Over 250 sensors are used to mirror the actions of Patrick Pierce, an award-winning barista.

With over $5 million in funding, the machine – a kiosk – is nearly ready to roll out. It is still entirely encompassed in a boxed case (likely for sanitary reasons), but the feedback so far has been positive. It actually does make good drinks.

Could this be the future of the coffee industry? No more baristas to customize your drink to your needs, or will machines adapt and grow to that point? Likely, it won’t go all that way, but it is an interesting concept nonetheless.