McCafe Tassimo T-Discs and K-Cups Are Here!

Your favourite McDonald’s McCafe coffee has arrived in single-serve formats, available for both the Tassimo as McCafe T-Discs and Keurig as McCafe K-Cups. McCafe single serve cups are roasted slightly darker than a medium roast, bringing that bold and flavourful cup of coffee you’ve come to love. Just as convenient as a drive through with the push of a single button, it’s also less expensive and time consuming than sitting in the drive through in the morning.

McDonals McCafe T-Discs from Canada

The move to provide they McCafe experience from home in formats for both Tassimo and Keurig is a smart one, keeping the brand from isolating any customers who made the decision to buy their single serve coffee making before McDonalds announced their intention to offer a single-serve format. Feedback from customers have indicated that while they often appreciate the higher quality and flexibility of the Tassimo, there hasn’t been as much choice as far as varieties and brands. Boxes are priced around $11.00 for the Tassimo 14-ct.

McDonalds McCafe K-Cups from CanadaThe K-Cup format is compatible with original existing Keurig machines, and is priced at about $11.00 per 12-ct box.