Bodum Pavina Double-Walled Glasses 6 Pack

Bodum Pavina Double-Walled Glasses 6 Pack

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They say that presentation alone can alter the taste of food and drinks. Bodum Pavina Double-Wall Thermo Glasses are elegantly designed and air-insulated thanks to their double wall design. Allows for making hot drinks as well as cold, in a unique looking glass.

Great presentation for at home or at a cafe. Each glass is mouth-blown by artisans, making each one unique. Made from Brosilicate glass, it offers great heat resistance, and weighs less than traditional glass while offering a similar strength. It also tends to stay clear and resist becoming cloudy over time better than regular glass.

Drinks should not be mixed in the glass since there have been reports of breakage on other sites. Care should be taken when using any hard material inside the cups.

It is suggested to add ice after adding liquid to the glass, to prevent the ice from damaging the cup itself. Metal spoons should be avoided, as should placing them in a packed dish washer.

Pre-heating (or cooling) the glass prior to placing your drink in it will help keep your drink at the appropriate temperature, so that you enjoy it hot or cold (not lukewarm).

  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ovenware appropriate
  • Freezer safe

Price is for a pack of 6x 8oz/0.25L glasses. Each glass is approximately 8cm in Diameter, 9cm tall. Free Shipping Included.

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2Rating: 2 / 5
They look great, but unfortunately cloud up when cleaned in the dishwasher. Also sensitive to significant temp changes. One cracked right in front of me as I put boiling water in it. Wouldn't buy again.

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