Hawaiian Ka\'u Extra Fancy 16 oz

Hawaiian Ka'u Extra Fancy 16 oz

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The Hawaiian Kona is real high-grown (1400-2100 feet), 100% Extra Fancy Ka'u coffee beans from the Ka'u district, adjacent to the Kona district. These beans rival even the best Kona, with slight coconut and caramel flavours along with hints of citrus and nuts.

Roasted to order. Price is per pound.

Kona (and Kau) beans are graded (on size, moisture, shape and defect rate) before being sold, and the top grades (in descending order) are Extra Fancy, Fancy, Number 1 and Prime. What's the reason for the grading system? Grouping identical beans allows us to achieve a consistent roast across the entire pound, so that there aren't outliers that are either over-roasted or under-roasted because they're smaller or larger than the rest.

Hawaiian Kona has become difficult to come by in the recent years, and this Ka'u coffee from the neighbouring region has been a hit among coffee connoisseurs in recent years. For a less expensive option, we recommend checking out the Kona Blend.

Hawaiian coffees don't grow at elevations high enough to be considered Strictly High Grown (SHG). The closest equivalent would be the Nicaragua Organic.

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