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Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans

Your arabica coffee beans are roasted within hours of placing your order and shipped to you immediately. It's as fresh as you can get, without roasting them yourself at home.

When you order, your coffee beans are roasted to a medium roast, dark roast or espresso roast depending on your option, then ground (or not) to how you choose on the product page. This ensures you get the freshest, best roasted coffee possible, and not coffee that has been sitting on store shelves for weeks or even months. We bag the fresh coffee beans in a valve bag that releases the CO2 while preventing air from entering - guaranteeing your coffee remains fresh and at peak flavour for as long as possible.

While all of the coffees listed here can be roasted dark, we have a specific section for the best espresso beans. While there's technically no such thing as an "Espresso Bean", there are some beans that taste better than others during the longer roasting process. These beans (and blends) have been specifically selected because they're great when they're roasted extra dark, and don't have that disappointing "burnt" taste.

All of our single origin coffee beans and blends are the best coffee varietal - 100% Arabica (unless specifically noted otherwise) and grown at mid-to-high altitudes. With a number of strictly high grown (SHG, or SHB "stricly hard bean") new green coffees coming into inventory every 3 months, there's no need to worry about mold or spoilage.


You can now order coffee samples to try a small quantity of beans before committing to an entire pound. Once we have you hooked on our premium, fresh roasted coffee we're sure you'll be back for more.

Whole Bean Coffee

All of our coffee begins as whole coffee beans, and we can ship it to you unground, or you can tell us grind it however you want at no extra charge. Buying the coffee as whole bean allows you to grind it yourself, which keeps it fresh until you're ready to brew. One of the most important things you can do to keep your coffee tasting fresh is buy it whole bean, and then grind it just before you're ready to brew. It keeps the aroma locked up, and prevents the coffee from oxidizing so that you can enjoy more of the true, bold taste. Because of this you won't find the cheapest coffee here, but with the high quality you will find one of the best coffee values in Canada. This coffee can be used to make cold brew coffee as well, or you can buy pre-made pour-and-serve cold brew.

Bulk Coffee Beans

Coffees here are broken down into the 1-lb (16 oz, 454 g, 0.45 kg) valve-seal bags, making it easy to store multiple coffees without worrying about it going stale. If you want to order 1kg (2.2-lb) or 1.36kg (3-lb), simply order multiple 1-lb bags. We also have 5-lb (2.27kg) bags available under our wholesale coffee section. For restaurants and hotels, you can find coffee fraction packs in a variety of sizes.

Free Shipping Over $49

We're happy to offer aggressive shipping rates across Canada, allowing us to offer you free shipping in: Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and PEI. Whether you're from Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton or Vancouver, you'll receive your coffee quickly and while it's still fresh. Some conditions apply.

About Buy Coffee Canada

We've been roasting arabica coffee beans in Canada for over 30 years, and carry many hard-to-find beans. We also have a great wholesale coffee Toronto program. We have With dozens of different origins available for purchase, we're sure to have a bean that suits your tastes. Head over to the Fair Trade Organic Coffee page to see our listing of FTO coffees that are both socially responsible, and healthier for you, directly from a Canadian coffee bean roaster!

Coffee beans are best enjoyed if purchased within a few weeks of being roasted, otherwise they may taste stale or flat. We roast your gourmet coffee at our roastery only after your order has been placed, so that your beans are as fresh as possible. With over 30 varieties of coffee in stock at any time, you can explore a whole new world of taste. We also have you covered if you're looking for flavoured coffee beans.

We sell single origin coffees and our custom formulated blends. We do not carry coffee brands from Blue Bottle Coffee, Bulletproof Coffee, Caffe Vita, Costa Coffee, Costco Kirkland, Starbucks, Nespresso, Mcdonalds McCafe, Deathwish, Kicking Horse, Equator, Melitta, Muskoka, Second Cup or Timothy's.

Cuba Turquino Lavada 16 oz
Rating: 100% (Great)
$18.51 (25% off)
Sale: $13.88 x more info
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Haiti Blue Pine Forest Coffee 16 oz
Rating: 79% (Good)
$34.13 (25% off)
Sale: $25.60 x more info
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Honduras 16 oz
Rating: 86% (Good)
$13.70 (25% off)
Sale: $10.28 x more info
 Sold Out 

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