Coffee Subscription

We aren't currently set up to do a subscription service - simply not enough demand for it. Instead, customers simply log in and order their coffee whenever they need it. This frequency varies by customer.

The reason the shipping policy is set up the way it is, is because shipping costs represent a large % of total order value at lower dollar values, and lower % at higher dollar values. Sending multiple low-dollar-value shipments means multiple shipping costs, which we have no volumes of scale to work from.

Ordering coffee once a month is a good frequency, to balance freshness and quantity. We have customers who do order every 2 or even 3 months and find little difference in the coffee quality (usually whole bean).

1 or 2 pounds monthly falls in our standard shipping policy - at $110 and $200 you can use the coupons 10OFF110 and 20OFF200 respectively. Below that, we just don't have the margins to offer discounts.

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