Do Matcha

Do Matcha Green Tea in Canada

Do Matcha

Do Matcha Green Tea is made from 100% authentic Japanese Matcha grown in Southwest Japan.

Unlike some other brands of Matcha Tea, Do's product doesn't contain any artificial fillers, sweeteners or sugars. This brings out the true, rich flavour of Matcha Green Tea. It also allows you to sweeten and make your tea the way you want it.

The Quality Process

A lot of care goes into each step of growing, cultivating, harvesting and packaging the best Matcha leaves for you to enjoy. As little machinery as possible is used in the process to maintain true Japanese tradition and taste. Grown in the shade, these delicate tea leaves are harvested when they are young and immediately steamed to preveent the oxidation of enzymes from damaging the leaf. They are stored in a facility that is kept at zero degrees year round to keep them fresh, and consistent from batch-to-batch.

While some Matcha companies sell powder that includes the stem and leaves, ours are removed before the grinding process to prevent any bitter flavours. While you're paying for filler with the other brands, you can rest assured that Do Matcha is 100% tea leaves that leaves you with a superior flavour.

Processing the tea leaves involves grinding them between granite stones, slowly, to prevent any heat damage or friction. If this isn't part of a company's process then they're typically pulverized with hot air which has a tendency to destroy the leaves natural structure.

Finally, we package the Matcha by keeping light and air away from the powder, which can degrade the colour and flavour of the tea. Every step of the process is designed to get the Matcha Green Tea to you with minimal destruction of the goodness of the plant - almost like getting it directly from the fields yourself.

Wholesale Matcha

The 200g matcha bulk bag is perfect for wholesale cafes and restaurants who want to bring their costs down with a bulk purchase. With a serving size of approximately 1-g for quality Izu matcha, this will yield approximately 200 servings.

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