Doi Chaang

doi chaang

Doi Chaang is a coffee company that exudes all the qualities a fair-trade company should, and then some. These premium k-cups not only support fair-trade certified coffee farmers, the farmers themselves are actually part owners in the company! That means they benefit from better prices, a more vibrant local community and share in the upside of the profitability of the company.

Though partnered with the coffee farmers overseas, Doi Chaang is actually a Canadian group!

Doi Chaang Coffee

Doi Chaang is also available in whole bean coffee, with blends including:

  • Chillin'
  • Espress-Yoself
  • Hardwired
  • Social Medium

doi chaang k-cups

Doi Chaang K-Cups

Doi Chaang's k-cup offerings include:

  • Doi Chaang Social Medium (12ct)
  • Doi Chaang Hard Wired (12ct)

Civet Coffee

On a disappointing note, Doi Chaang offers a Civet coffee - coffee beans that pass through the digestive system of a civet and are wildly expensive. Made notable by a few articles and spot features in a movie, the civets are often caged and malnurished because of a repulsive feeding schedule.

Doi Chaang demonstrates the harvesting process on their website however - showing that the beans are harvested in the wild and not from caged and abused animals.

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