Dry Processed Vs. Wet Processed

You'll hear the terms "dry processed" and "wet processed" when talking about coffee, but does it actually make a difference?

Dry Processing

Dry processed beans are left in the red "coffee berry" fruit they come from, while being dried on a concrete slab or the ground. They are first washed, then sorted by ripeness and allowed to dry out in the sun, being turned at intervals to ensure an even drying process and to prevent mildew. It can take up to 4 weeks for the beans to dry, during which the coffee flavour will change. Typically, robusta beans are dry processed, and many of the Brazilian, Ethiopian, Haitian Arabicas as well.

Wet Processing

Wet processed beans have their surrounding pulp (the cherry) removed before drying. Though the majority of the coffee cherry is removed, "pulp" still remains on the bean that must be removed before being sold.

The decision to process the coffee beans by wet or dry method varies between countries and even between processing facilities within a country. The method of processing does not make a coffee good or bad in itself and is generally a very minor factor in buying beans. All of our coffees are purchased through brokers and conform to Canadian health regulations.

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