Flavoured Syrups for Milkshakes

Where to find Flavoured Syrups for your Milkshakes

Torani flavoured syrups are perfect for milkshakes and smoothies, allowing you to create a nearly limitless number of flavoured shakes.

Bacon Milkshake?

Sounds gross? Maybe. Jack-In-The-Box (a US burger chain) offered it as a special promotion and the feedback was generally well received. You'll find plenty of reviews on YouTube, and we can guarantee it's something none of your family or friends have ever tried. Check out the Torani Bacon Syrup.


There are dozens of different flavours that you can add to your milkshakes, keeping your customers coming back time and time again. Torani's syrups look great on a bar, and the pumps ensure consistent measurement from one drink to the next. The pumps also keep your staff from having to repeatedly unscrew the bottle cap, reducing messes and clean up time.

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