Gourmet Village

Gourmet Du Village

Gourmet du Village is a brand of cafe-quality products that are simple and convenient enough to make in the comfort of your own home.

Truffle White Hot Chocolate

Truffle White Chocolate

The Truffle White Chocolate makes a particularly delicious white mocha - creamy, full-flavoured and one of the best white chocolates we've ever tried. The 35g (1.25oz) single serving packets makes a flavourful 8oz cup, and can be mixed with either nearly-boiling water or steamed milk for extra texture and flavour.

double hot chocolate

Double Dark Chocolate (with Marshmallows)

The Double Dark Chocolate, like the Truffle White Chocolate, is a premium cocoa-based hot drink and is one of the better products on the market. The 35g (1.25oz) packets come with little marshmallows that float to the top of your drink, adding a little twist to the flavour. It should be mixed into 6-8oz of nearly-boiling water, or steamed milk for those who prefer the extra flavour.

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