Jamaican Blue Mountain Green Coffee 1 lb

Jamaican Blue Mountain Green Coffee 1 lb

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100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Green Coffee 1 lb. Not a blend.

The infamous Jamaican Blue Mountain has a light/medium body but a silky mouthfeel, crisp chocolate flavours and notes of orange peel are accentuated by a gently bittersweet character.

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I do not want to jump the gun with my review, since I am not a very very experienced toaster, But I did got a lot of satisfied results roasting other kinds of green beans before. I received my order (Jamaican Blue Mountain Green Coffee 1 lb) about 2 weeks ago, So far, I did 5 small batches of medium degree roasts ( 2-3 minutes after complete first crack), let the roared beans mature for 1 to 4 days, brewed using French press, Different things I tried: 1. Mature time of roasted beans, from 1 day to 4 days 2. Temperature of brewing water: boiling water to a few minutes after boiling. 3. Different brewing time , left the grinds in hot water for 2 to 5 minutes But all the results I got were very disappointing, only notable flavour is slight sour, did not like the good JBMC that I tasted before.

BuyCoffeeCanada: The Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee bean is a delicate one that requires an experienced touch to do well. We stand by the coffee (as you can see from our verified customer reviews on the Roasted Jamaican Blue Mountain) - you either have the skill to bring out the flavours or you don't. We wouldn't recommend this to novice roasters, if for no other reason than the price of experimentation.

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