Tasters Choice Instant Decaf Coffee 80 ct

Tasters Choice Instant Decaf Coffee 80 ct

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Tasters Choice Instant Decaf Coffee 80 x single serve packets

Tasters Choice is by Nescafe is the premier choice for single serve instant coffee. We always recommend buying fresh roasted decaf coffee beans, which have a better flavour than pre-roasted and instant coffee, but realize there's a market for instant coffee (such as in low-volume restaurants, or when traveling/camping).

We currently carry the pack of 80 individual packets rather than bulk jars, which makes it easy to measure out a cup at a time (1 packet = 1 cup of coffee). This is especially important for restaurants, which may not want to have a pot of coffee sitting around for hours, which causes the coffee to burn and taste bad, waiting for a single customer to order a cup of decaf. Simply tear open one of the coffee packets, pour into hot water and stir! The single-serving packets are quicker than carefully measuring a spoonful from a jar.

Where can I buy Sanka Coffee?

Sanka brand instant decaf coffee has seen diminishing demand over the years, and is no longer produced in sufficient quantities. It's simply unavailable. As a replacement, we've brought in Tasters Choice by Nescafe, and have had great feedback.

We stock these boxes of 80 individual packets in our Windsor, Ontario warehouse and ship across Canada to both home owners and business (restaurants, cafes, hotels, offices).

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