LavAzza Blue Espresso Amabile

LavAzza Blue Espresso Amabile

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LavAzza BLUE "Espresso Amabile" capsules feature a blend of excellent coffees from Brazil and Central America (40%) and Robusta from Southeast Asia (60%) offering a full bodied flavour along with a velvety, persistent crema.

Using the unique brewing process in the "LavAzza Blue" machine and capsules, you're able to get a well-rounded, creamy regular or long espresso that has a well-balanced after taste. Quality and consistency from cup-to-cup are trademarks of the LavAzza pods.

  • Case of 100 single serving capsules/pods/cartridges
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  • Blend: A blend of excellent coffee from Brazil and Central America (40%) and Robusta from Southeast Asia (60%)
  • Aroma and flavour: Chocolaty and smooth
  • Body: Thick and firm
  • Crema: Thick, persistent
  • Yield in the cup: A creamy blend with smooth and full flavour and after-taste
  • Roast: Medium
  • Model LAV980

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