Online Orders

As a matter of policy, BuyCoffeeCanada is exclusively an online supplier. We do this because:

  • It saves us time re-entering information you're giving us, while preventing copying errors
  • It ensures we receive the information you submit correctly - name, shipping address, billing information
  • Having the correct information means that your order doesn't get shipped to wrong address, saving you time and headache
  • We avoid he-said-she-said situations and misunderstandings that are prevalent with verbal communication
  • It provides a written record to refer back to in any dispute
  • It allows us to provide you with status updates automatically, so you know where your order is
  • It gives us a record of purchases, that allows us to offer loyalty programs and specials to long term customers

All of this translates into labour and cost savings that keep our prices low. This is the direction we've taken as a company to focus on better serving our core demographic, and we accept the trade-off that we won't be the right fit for everyone.

This means that we will typically decline requests to take orders by phone or email. In some special circumstances, we will process orders over the phone or by email for a $60 administrative charge, but will still require written confirmation by email of the order details before processing.

Information Security

All websites are vulnerable to being compromised, without exception, by a motivated attacker with the proper resources. We mitigate this risk by making ourselves a low value target (lessens motivation) and using internet infrastructure set up by larger companies with 1000x our resources (increases resource cost to compromise).

All payment information is processed off of our website. We get a bare amount of information required to verify details of a transaction, such as the type of Credit Card used (Visa, Amex, Mastercard). Full credit card details, or partial details that can be put together to form a full credit card, are not kept on our servers or on file. We can not access the credit cards ourselves, even if we wanted to. This means that we're a lower-value target, and if we were compromised, the most sensitive details are inaccessible.

This also means that we can't simply run your card and repeat your previous transaction, you will need to place a new order manually.

The majority of our payments are processed by Paypal, a multi-billion dollar leader in online payments and transactions. Their size and pervasiveness lets them hire security teams of the best and brightest - probably even better than any bank. We have over a decade of experience dealing with Paypal through tens of thousands of transactions and believe they are the best option for us.

For the most secure checkout, we recommend selecting "Paypal" as the payment method during checkout, which will take you off our website and over to Paypal's website to enter your credit card. You do not need a Paypal account to do this, there is a simple credit card form available once you are there.

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