Shipping Policy Update

This page is designed to address questions about the shipping policy update on 2016/02/01. It is an informal, living document and will be updated as needed. We welcome your questions.

Why the sudden shipping policy change?

Good question! The change is actually the culmination of years of fine-tuning and some less-than-great methods of handling extra shipping fees in the past, and was long overdue. The aim of this is to resolve some long-standing issues.

The exchange rate was the straw that broke the camel's back in this case, since most products are imported from the United States. Rather than increase prices across the board, we updated the shipping to more accurately reflect the true shipping costs to customers they applied to - small orders outside our core market.

Who does this affect?

Prices remain the same for the majority of products, to the majority of customers. There has been a marginal cost increase to orders on the smaller end of the scale. Most customers who are affected can avoid the small cost increase by placing a larger order, by adding other products. Here are some ways to increase your order size:

Why do you assume customers are from Ontario or Quebec?

The majority of our sales and advertising is targeted to these provinces, and they make up our core demographic. Current technology doesn't permit us to accurately determine where visitors are coming from, so we present the most relevant information to the largest number of people.

We're happy to continue to supply customers outside of our core market under the new policy, who may not otherwise have access to these products!

Why not list all the shipping rates on each page?

Listing all shipping rates and conditions would add too much clutter and confusion, most of which is not relevant to our core audience. Exceptions and conditions have been extensively detailed in the Shipping Policy, as is the industry standard operating procedure for ecommerce websites.

Why didn't I see this before checking out?

The Shipping Policy is linked to from each page on the website and lays out specifics about services we do or do not offer.

Is this a permanent update?

We're working on some changes that could see the shipping costs be revised downwards for other provinces.

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