Sugar Free Coffee Syrup

Sugar Free Coffee Syrups are flavoured additives used in coffees, as well as espresso-based drinks such as Lattes, Cappuccinos and Macchiatos. They're different from regular coffee syrups, which typically use a sugar as the sweetener, and get they're sweetness from artificial flavours such as Sucralose, Acesulfame K, Aspartame, Neotame and Saccharin.

Torani Sugar Free Syrups Our top sugar free syrups for coffees and lattes include:

Which Sweetener is the Best?

It's impossible to pin down which is "best", since individual taste receptors and preferences vary. The most common in the sugar-free version major brands of coffee syrup is Sucralose (Splenda Brand), though Aspartame is primarily used in sugar-free diet colas. Some people will respond well to the taste of some sweeteners (i.e. hardly able to detect), while others will find it leaves a very chemically after-taste. Our recommendation is simply to try them out and decide which is best for you.

Our Torani Sugar Free Syrups use Sucralose (Splenda Brand) as the sweetener, and we find it very palitable. There is very rarely any hint of an artificial after-taste, and this is easily controlled by reducing the amount of syrup used. We provide customer's reviews (both good and bad) on each of the syrups, so browse through the ones you're interested in and get feedback from people who have bought the product before!

Sucralose is the primary sweetener used in Sugar-Free flavourings because of the fact that it's the most table of all sweeteners at cooking and baking temperatures. This is particularly important when using it in coffees, teas and other drinks that are served at around 190 degrees Fahrenheit (just under 100 Celcius). This actually makes it possible to use Torani's Sugar Free flavours in baking, by using the Sugar-Free Peach as a glaze on baked chicken for example.

Overpowering Artificial After-Taste

sugar free peanut butter syrup

The single largest complaint with the sugar-free coffee syrups is that customers will sometimes experience and "chemical-like" after-taste that ruins the drink. This is usually caused by too much syrup being used, however it may simply be due to your personal taste receptors being over-sensitive to certain sweeteners.

While strong drinks like coffee can easily overpower some of the flavours regardless of how much you use (you'll notice some product reviews saying this), there are ways to enhance them. The Sugar-Free Peanut Butter flavour for example, really needs a thick/heavy dairy to amplify the subtleties of the syrup. That means it works great in steamed milk, ice cream and macchiatos, but not necessarily in black coffee.

Other Drinks with Sugar-Free Syrup

Sugar-free syrups go great in cocktails, mocktails and Italian Sodas. It's a good way to enjoy your standard drink without all the added calories, which is great for everyone from people on a diet to those who have to watch their sugar intake for caloric reasons.

I'm a Diabetic, Can I Use the Sugar-Free Syrups?

Our first and only recommendation is to visit a registered dietician or doctor. People respond differently to the Sucralose used in the sugar-free syrups, with some claiming that it does affect their blood-sugar levels and some saying it has no effect. According to, the starch-based sweeteners must be counted as part of a Diabetic's carbohydrate intake since it requires insulin to metabolize. We can't be sure how it will affect you, and anything we recommend is only anecdotal. See a doctor.

With that said, we do get lots of feedback from people claiming to be diabetics or who have undergone gastric bypass, who love the sugar-free syrups. We've heard it used in anything from italian sodas, to baking, coffee and even protein shakes to add flavour to sometimes bland food and drinks.

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