Top 5 Holiday Flavours

The holidays are that special time of the year where warm drinks offset cold weather, and families get together to create memories. One of the best ways we have of creating memories (and learning) is through new experiences, and nowhere does Torani shine more than through unique and vibrant flavours. Here's our list of the top 5 holiday flavours that will help make lasting memories:

Peppermint Syrup

One of the quintessential flavours for the holiday season, the peppermint syrup offers a brilliant contrast to the sweet and decadent holiday flavours, offering instead a simple and sharp freshness.

Gingerbread Syrup

Another holiday classic, the gingerbread syrup artfully combines cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and cardamom to create a spicy medley that compliments desserts perfectly. This flavour is a great substitute when you don't feel like building a gingerbread house.

Amaretto Syrup

This sweet, almond-candy-like flavour is most commonly associated with the liqueur, whose sweet taste is frequently enjoyed around the holidays.

Italian Eggnog Syrup

When real eggnog won't do, offer the Italian Eggnog syrup in milk steamers. Just an ounce steamed in 8 ounces of milk makes a great drink for the kids, letting them drink eggnog "just like the adults".

Tiramisu Syrup

This classic Italian pastry always crops it's head up at Italian holiday parties. A true Torani flavour, this can't be re-created by anything other than the actual dessert.

Honourable Mentions

Those 5 flavours are by no means all-inclusive of every holiday flavour available - here's a list of flavours that are still holiday themed and can add some life to the drinks you serve your family this season. What are some Torani flavours that are classics in your household?

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