Top Frappe Mixes for Home

Frappes or Frappuccinos are some of the most popular drinks both independent and national cafes - delectable with complex flavours that can have you craving it on a daily basis. Making them at home ca be a daunting task if you don't know where to look, so we've compiled a list of possible products.

David Rio Chai Frost Frappe

David Rio Tea Frost Frappe

The newest entrant to the market, David Rio is known for high-quality powdered chais and the Tea Frost Frappe doesn't disappoint. Each 64-oz bags makes 16 servings of a 16 oz drink. This is one of the few chai-based frappes on the market, adding a shot of espresso to the mix will give it some extra flavour and caffeine. Highly recommended.

Ghirardelli White and Chocolate Frappe Classico

Ghirardelli Chocolate Frappe Ghirardelli White Chocolate Frappe

Ghirardelli is a chocolate company through-and-through, and their expertise shines in this frappe mix. A true chocolate-based frappe, both the regular Hot Chocolate Frappe Classico and the White Chocolate Frappe Classico are simple to make and frothe up to a delicious frappe in seconds. Add as much espresso or strong coffee as you like for a little extra kick.

Torani Chocolate Sauce and White Chocolate Sauce

Torani White Chocolate Sauce

Much like the Ghirardelli, Torani's formulations are some of the best on the market for sauce-based frappes. The emulsifiers in the sauce cause the drink to frothe up for an authentic frappe experience right from home. Being a sauce as opposed to the two powdered products above, this tends to leave less of a powdery mess and a sauce pump can be purchased to make measuring simple and consistent. Like the others, add as much espresso or strong coffee as you'd like.

Other Ingredients

Adding some additional flavours can add a layer of complexity to your frappe that makes it yours. Probably the most common flavour is Vanilla, which compliments nearly any dairy-based beverage. We strongly recommend trying both the French Vanilla Syrup and Vanilla Bean Syrup as well, to get the taste juuuust right.

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