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Toronto is a city with dozens of options for artisan roasted coffee, but with a high cost of living (for both residential and commercial properties), residents are often overcharged. BuyCoffeeCanada ships directly from our Windsor, Ontario location to Toronto residents and businesses, often within 24-48 hours, so that coffee is always fresh when it arrives. Whether you order from a company in Toronto or Windsor, shipping time remains nearly identical.

While some people like the option of walking into a physical retail store to purchase coffee, what they don't realize is that coffee that is ready to be purchased was roasted at some point in the past, with no way of knowing exactly when. Coffee can be days or even weeks old, and fresh coffee may be mixed with older beans to decrease inventory loss on the merchants behalf. BuyCoffeeCanada always roasts coffee fresh to order AFTER your order is placed and ships in 1-way valve sealed bags.

A Variety of Coffees

We typically stock 30-40 different single origin coffees and custom blends we've built up over the course of our 40 years. Whether you're buying it 1 pound at a time for home, 5 pounds at a time for a coffee shop or as green coffee for home roasting, we'll pack it and ship it straight to your door.

Want to support and participate in the Organic and Fair Trade coffee movement? You'll find a number of both Fair Trade and Organic certified single origin coffees on our Organic Coffees page. As always, you choose your own roast and grind so that you can have it done the way you want it.

We're confident that after 40 years, our beans are at least of equal quality (but if we're honest, probably better) as roasters in Toronto. With our lower prices and shipping direct to your home, we translate to better value than our competitors. In fact, our shipping volume to Toronto allows us to offer you an additional 10% off with the coupon TORONTOCOFFEE.

Our Guarantee

We back all of this up with our Coffee Guarantee - order 5 different kinds of 1-lb bags and we'll refund you the cost of the one you liked the least. This allows you to expand your horizons with new flavours, while letting us build trust in what we offer.

Try Before You Buy

Don't forget to check out the coffee samples, which let you try 1/4-lb (4 oz) of dozens of different coffees so that you don't have to commit to buying a full pound. Have it sent as whole bean or ground for whichever machine you use - french press, pour-over, drip coffee, moka pot / stove top, espresso machine or aeropress.

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