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You can mix and match both 5-lb and 1-lb bags of coffee. Standard shipping policy applies. Private label coffee services are also available.

The quality of your coffee can make or break a cafe. Customers demand higher quality coffee and espresso than what's currently available in the Toronto market - they want a bold cup of coffee, full of flavour and not something they can pick up at a national chain. With over 40 years of experience roasting coffee for south-western Ontario, we're now happy to supply Toronto coffee shops with free weekly deliveries on wholesale coffee orders, that are roasted the same day it's shipped. Full flavoured, with over 20 origins and blends to choose from.

All of our beans are always in stock, so that you don't have to worry about running out. Expertly roasted in any size batch, you can get artisan coffee at wholesale prices.

No minimum orders. We've reduced the bulk sizing down to 5-lb bags so that even small cafes can take part in our wholesale coffee program and buy "café en vrac".

50% Off Coffee Cups for Cafes

Paper Coffee Cups Wholesale

Having a reliable source for good coffee cups for your coffee shop or restaurant is key to smoothly running a business. We're happy to offer the best pricing on Paper Coffee Cups in Toronto. We offer a 50% discount on our wholesale pricing to customers who also buy their coffee from us. Sign up today and save!

Paper Cups (Hot)
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Plastic Cups (Cold)
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Other Products

We also carry a stock of the following products to round out your offering:

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Coffee Machine Rental

Need a coffee machine for your office? We are able to supply coffee machines for office coffee service, tea and hot-chocolate at affordable rates, in addition to maintenance and repairs. contact us for details. Whether you're looking for a fully commercial Bunn Brewer for a 100-person warehouse or a Saeco Machine for a 10-person office, we have options that fit your needs.

Buy in Bulk

Wholesale pricing is available in bulk purchases. Quantity discounts are available on each coffee in as little as 10-lb quantities with an additional level at 20-lbs, simply click on the coffee you're interested in. 110-lb, 132-lb and 154-lb bulk bags are also available by contacting us through the contact form with a shipping address.

Green Coffee Beans Wholesale

We carry all of our coffees as green beans in our Warehouse in Windsor, Ontario. Orders are placed roughly once per quarter to ensure a countinuous stock of fresh green coffee beans. While some of our coffee offerings are blends, we offer a large variety of the traditional single-origin green coffee beans. Head over to our wholesale green coffee beans Canada website.

Coffee Contractor Inc. ( is able to offer wholesale pricing for retail locations, coffee shops and high volume orders on coffee beans. Depending on volume and the product, we're able to offer 30%-50% off listed prices. For more information, please contact us directly.

Private Label Coffee

Have a project that needs a branded label? Want to start your own quality brand to distinguish your hotel? We roast all our beans fresh as orders are placed, and are able to apply labels using your own designs and logos. Contact us today for more details.

Nicaragua 5 lb
$54.98 (5% off)
Sale: $52.23 x
More Info

Nicaragua Fair Trade Organic 5 lb
Rating: 80% (Good)
$72.00 (5% off)
Sale: $68.40 x
More Info

Papua New Guinea Sigri 5 lb
$73.50 (5% off)
Sale: $69.83 x
More Info

Silver Espresso 5 lb
$48.25 (5% off)
Sale: $45.84 x
More Info

St Clements Blend 5 lb
$105.00 (5% off)
Sale: $99.75 x
More Info

Sulawesi Toraja 5 lb
$79.00 (5% off)
Sale: $75.05 x
More Info

Sumatra Mandheling 5 lb
$69.00 (5% off)
Sale: $65.55 x
More Info

Viennese Blend 5 lb
$61.67 (5% off)
Sale: $58.59 x
More Info

Burundi Kayanza 5 lb
Rating: 80% (Good)
$61.22 (5% off)
Sale: $58.16 x more info
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