Biscotti is a Slam Dunk with Coffee

How It's Made

A thick cookie dough is made using all-purpose flour, eggs and sugar along with other ingredients like baking soda or baking powder, flavoured extracts and even add-in ingredients like chocolate chips or almonds and other nuts. Once the dough is prepared, it should be kneaded for a small amount of time on a floured work area as this will help with cohesion of the dough.

Typically you will make one long log from the dough and bake it on a long cookie sheet lined with parchment paper for baking. After using your hands to slightly flatten the cookie dough, you will want to bake it up to thirty minutes. You will know when these cookies are ready by its larger size after rising. Pull from the oven once it turns brown and just firm to the touch.

If you want the traditionally long-shaped biscotti bars with rounded ends, allow the cookie log to cool slightly before cutting to shape. Once the cookies are cut, you then have to put them back in the oven for a drying out period. The result is a lightly sweetened crunchy cookie.

Variations of the Biscotti Theme

Bisotti is typically enjoyed along with coffee or espresso and a lot of the flavours are therefore designed to complement or contrast with coffee beans. Hundreds of years ago, biscotti was almond flavoured due to the large supply of almonds available in the area. Anise was a favourite spice of the time and used often as well. Today, you will find biscotti in countless flavours and variations. Chocolate is a popular flavour for the dough and even chocolate-dipped biscotti is an option. You may find biscotti with dried fruits, nuts, candy bits and anything else that is tasty.

People enjoy biscotti because it is a light yet tasty accompaniment to a hot cup of tea or coffee. It is often dipped into the beverage to soften it up before consuming. Many people say that the flavoured is enhanced when you become an official biscotti dipper. If you are in Italy, you may notice that biscotti are consumed with wine more often than coffee. These cookies are also easy to store in airtight containers. Because of this, the cookie has been a favourite of coffee houses because they can last indefinitely without spoiling.

Major Brands of Biscotti

One of the top brands of Biscotti in Canada is Touche Biscotti. Sold at special coffee retailers as well as a few grocery stores, they have a number of high end flavours and come individually packaged. Touche Biscotti is certified HACCP, Kosher and many of the variations are nut-free. Popular flavours include:

  • Orange Zest
  • Extra Cranberry
  • Cappuccino
  • Orange Chocolate
  • White Chocolate Ginger
  • Triple Chocolate
  • Vanilla Chocolate