Coffee Wedding Favors

Theming a wedding around your spouse and your interests is always a fun time, and having unique gift ideas or center-pieces is a great way to make the event personal and memorable.

Here are some fun requests we've had over the years:

Personalized Coffee Bags

coffee gift bags

Does the love of coffee extend beyond the two of you, with both your families obsessed with the black stuff? Why not give them your own custom blend with your face on the bag to commemorate the event?

We offer custom labeling on coffee bags for runs of 80 bags or more, allowing you to fully customize the colour (black, white, silver, red) of the bag as well as providing a customer log or picture that we'll attach to the bag.

Choose your favourite coffee beans from our site, or even make your own custom blend!

We had a couple where one was from Colombia, the other from Indonesia, so they create a Colombian Supremo and Indonesian Sumatra blend then added 10% Hawaiian Maui bean because that's where they were honeymooning. It turned out to be a delicious coffee and made a great story.

Coffee Centerpieces

coffee candle center pieces

With an enticing smell and a rustic/artisan look, coffee beans can be sprawled out on tables, put into mason jars as a centerpiece, or just used to cover the base of another centerpiece.

The size of the glass container can be small (like a small mason jar) which would give the guests the opportunity to take it home, or it can be a single large, decorative glass vase.

For extra flare, leaves or other foliage can be placed underneath the coffee jays, or flowers added to the top (with plastic to keep it from directly touching the coffee).

Burlap / Jute Coffee Bags

coffee burlap gift bags

Burlap (or Jute) bags can be re-purposed as covers for tables, stuffed and used as decor for ambiance, cut into smaller pieces and used as a wrap for wedding favours and more!

They offer a rustic, artisan look that complements a lot of different styles. Note that re-using green bean bags may not be sanitary, depending on how and where they're stored.

Rolls of clean burlap can be found online (etsy is a good place) or in a textile store, which will have it by the yard and allow you to make your own bags and custom shapes.