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The same great taste you've come to love from Torani, now sugar-free.

Keeping calories low is the key in helping to maintain or achieve a healthy body, but it can be mundane at times. With Torani Sugar Free Syrups, you can add favour to your drinks and even food without the guilt of having too much sugar.

Torani's lineup of over 30 sugar-free flavours is the largest selection of any sugar-free syrup company.

Looking for a no-sugar-added alternative to dairy? We highly recommend trying the Pacific Barista Oat Milk. It contains low levels of natural sugars.

Sugar free syrups are great for those who are looking at restricting their diet (like an athlete) or who need to control their sugar levels (like diabetics). The rest of us will benefit from the lower overall calories that are in Torani Sugar Free Syrups as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Low carb syrups help in turning mundane, bland foods into delicious creations. With dozens of different low carb flavouring syrups, Torani has established itself as the market leader.

Anyone following a number of reduced carbohydrate diets, or have undergone surgery, keep coming back for new flavours and to stock up on classics. While they're not available in stores like Walmart, Target, Sobeys, Longos or Whole Foods, we're a direct-to-consumer distributor and we'll ship direct to your door-step.

Nearly everything you eat on a daily basis is either loaded with sodium or sugar. The Sugar-Free syrups from Torani have no sugar added - in some cases sugar was even removed from the base flavour.

The flavours have been meticulously re-balanced by Torani's food engineers to achieve to get that full sweetness without sugar, while keeping the taste of artificial sweeteners at bay. That's over 80 years of experience at work to make your morning coffee delicious.

Sugar Free Coffee Syrup

Making coffee syrups in a sugar-free version is no easy trick - the flavours have to be strong enough to balance the strong coffee taste, and the sweetener (Splenda) can't be overwhelming or it will leave a chemical after-taste.

Torani brings over 80 years of crafting flavoured syrups to the table and pulls it off perfectly - accurate tasting coffee syrups when added to coffee, espresso or tea, without being overpowered by the coffee or the sweetener.

They can even be mixed with cold brew concentrate, letting you make cafe-quality sugar-free drinks like you would get at Starbucks, Timothy's, Second Cup, Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds or Tim Hortons, right from home!

Canada has an additional problem to overcome with sugar-free coffee syrups - that is, they tend to break in transportation in the winter.

We're happy to be able to ship sugarfree syrups to most of Canada during the winter months!

What is Torani Sugar Free Syrups Sweetened With?

Torani uses Splenda-brand Sucralose as a sweetener. Splenda is a trusted brand of sweetener and guarantees a level of quality that you sometimes don't get with other brands of Sucralose.

Sucralose is stable at some of the highest temperatures of any sweetener, which is important when using the syrup in hot beverages like coffee or in baking.

Unlike Sucralose, other sweeteners with a lower maximum temperature can cause the chemical to break down in hot drinks, ruining the sweet effect and the flavour and creating potentially harmful compounds.

The FDA has a recommended-daily-allowance of 5mg/kg bodyweight per day - between 250mg and 400mg for an average person.

While the exact quantity is not provided on a bottle of Torani, based on comparable products we estimate that just under a gram of Sucralose is present in each full bottle of Torani - which translates to 8-12 ounces (1/3 to 1/2 bottle) per day. For more information see the Wikipedia Splenda page.

Common Drinks

The sugar-free syrups are great for making drinks at any time of the day, without the calories. Common drinks include:

  • Lattes, Macchiatos and Cappuccinos with candy and nut flavours
  • Italian Sodas with fruit and tropical flavours
  • Hot and Iced Tea with fruit and tropical flavours
  • Hot Chocolate with candy and nut flavours

Some flavours like Vanilla and Coconut go well in almost all drinks, and are particularly good when mixed with other flavours.