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  • Make Cafe Mochas and Hot White Chocolate
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Ghirardelli Chocolate Cocoa Powders are Kosher certified. Caramel sauces can be used in Caramel Macchiatos.

Ghirardelli makes cafe quality chocolate sauces and powders that can be used in everything from hot chocolates/cocoas, mochas or just as a topping. Add the powders and sauces to everything from coffees to desserts and transform your home into a barista's dream come true. Liven up your drinks today!

You can now find Ghirardelli in Canada and have it shipped right to your home in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, etc. These cafe-quality chocolate powders and sauces (sometimes called syrups) are used by high-end cafes around the country to make delicious Cafe Mochas, Chocolate Frappes and Caramel Macchiatos.

While they're typically hard-to-find, we've brought them in, broken up the cases and now sell them in small quantities to everyone in Canada. Enjoy blended drinks like you've never had before right at home!

Cross-border shipping fees aren't an issue - being a Canadian source for Ghirardelli, we ship from our facility in Windsor, Ontario so that you don't have to worry about tariffs and duties, or extra shipping charges. Order a couple tins or bottles are a time and get free shipping on orders over $49. Most items also have wholesale pricing when buying in bulk, click on specific products for more details.

Ghirardelli Sauces

Ghirardelli Sauces (or "syrups") have long-been an industry standard product when it comes to coffee shops, with a higher-than-typical cocoa content as well as Ghirardelli's chocolate liquor in the ingredients. Not only can they be used in mixed coffee drinks, they're great in milk shakes, cocktails, on ice cream, as a dessert topping and even as a decorative element on glassware and serving plates.

Ghirardelli Cocoa Powders

The Ghirardelli Chocolate Cocoa Powders are great for adding texture and real cacao to blended beverages. They serve as a base for a number of classic drinks included frappes, frappuccinos and milk shakes.

The Ghirardelli Frappe Classico is one of the easiest ways to make $5.00 White Chocolate Frappes right in the comfort of your home, requiring just Ice, Milk or Water and the Frappe Classico Mix.

Twisted Chocolate Mocha Recipe

  • 1/2 oz Ghirardelli Sweet Ground Chocolate
  • 1 oz Ghirardelli White Chocolate
  • 2 ounces brewed Espresso
  • 8 oz Steamed Milk

Pour steamed milk into a 12 ounce mug, adding the Ghirardelli powders while stirring. For a special twist, add 1/2 to 1 ounce of Torani flavoured syrup (we recommend peppermint or hazelnut).

Makes approximately 1x 12 oz drink. Note that you can substitute 2oz Espresso for 6oz strong brewed Canadian Coffee, and this would make a 16 oz drink.

White Chocolate Blended Frappe

Simply combine all ingredients in a blender, blend and serve! May optionally add whipped cream topping and caramel sauce drizzle. Can also make the same drink with the Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Frappe Classic.

Expiration Dates on Ghirardelli

It's important to distinguish between "Best Before" and "Expiry" dates on food products. Most products have a "Best Before" date that indicates when the manufacturer (Ghirardelli) thinks you should consume the product by. This throws a lot of people off of buying the larger case (or 10-lb boxes) for fear of mould or flavour-breakdown. The honest truth is that the "Best Before" date has nothing to do with product expiring and are somewhat arbitrarily determined by food manufacturers, who have incentive to get people to throw our product as well as err on the safe side. For more information, see the Government of Canada guidelines for "Best Before" dates.

In our own experience, storing a product in a cool, dry area (and preferably dark) is enough to keep it from going bad for well over a year, even when it has already been opened. We've had a 10-lb bag of Ghirardelli Chocolate Powder open for well over a year in our kitchen, with the product being consumed on a weekly basis with no noticeable impact to flavour or product quality.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Calories

Being a premium chocolate product, Ghirardelli's sole focus is on taste and not calories. That means that they are full of all the sugary, fatty goodness that you would expect from a world-class chocolate. That doesn't mean the drinks have to be calorie-laden though - because of the quality of the ingredients, you can get away with skim milk instead of heavy cream to reduce the calories. Combine with coffee or espresso to add even more flavour without any additional sugar or fat.

Calories per serving vary based on the product, we've updated the product pages to reflect the calories in the individual sauces or powders.