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Blue Espresso Decaf Soave
LavAzza Blue Caffe Crema
LavAzza Blue Espresso Amabile
LavAzza Blue Delicato Espresso
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LavAzza Blue Capsules are a premium brand of coffee and espresso sealed in individual serving capsules, compatible with the LavAzza Blue machine. Imported directly from Italy, these capsules are sold in cases of 100 individual serving pods. We're glad to offer one of the best prices throughout Canada on a variety of flavours with Free Shipping.

Compatible only with LavAzza Blue Machines including LB 951, LB 1010, LB 1100, LB 1200 Galactica, LB 2300 Single Cup, LB 2312, LB Compact, LB 2500 Plus.

Not compatible with Keurig / K-Cup Machines.

LavAzza has a rich history of supplying coffees and machines throughout Europe - and has gained worldwide recognition for top-quality beverages. Their goal is to provide quality european espresso to people all over the world. They have nation-wide distribution, with their products in stores everywhere throughout Canada and the U.S. Well over a million of their machines work to supply people with their daily caffeine fix.

Known as the LavAzza Blue Pods, the machines make Italian-quality cafe right in peoples' own home. Similar to a K-Cup, the cartridges used are disposable pods that are designed specifically for the machine - ensuring you get the same high quality brew every time.

Coffee Pods

LavAzza's Coffee Pods also come in a LavAzza Point and make it simple to enjoy Italian-quality coffee/espresso right at home. For great tasting espresso right from here in Canada, check out our selection of premium espresso beans or ESE Espresso Pods.

LavAzza K-Cups

LavAzza has released k-cups for the original Keurig machines, with flavours including Gran Selezione, Classico, Perfetto and Gran Aroma.