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Torani Sauces are thicker than regular syrups, ideal for using as a topping or blended in if you enjoy thicker, creamier-style drinks. Torani Syrups on the other hand are designed to add flavour and sweetness without any texture, and are generally easier to mix in.

Sauces work great in Lattes, blended coffee and Hot Chocolates - adding that cafe-quality je-ne-sais-quoi to home-made drinks. Offering buttery-notes and texture that syrups lack, it's your secret weapon when making drinks for guests. They will not work as well for cold brew, where we recommend using the regular Torani syrups line.

Torani Sauces are great as a topping and for added flavouring in drinks. Bring the cafe home with you - make professional drinks and desserts from home! Select from either a convenient 16-serving Squeeze Bottle or the 64-serving wholesale bottle with a pump.

When blending them in, sauces are typically added to the bottom of a drink first, so that the hot espresso/coffee and steamed milk loosen it up and mix as they're poured. Best enjoyed hot so that the syrup remains suspended in the drink. You can keep an open container for 4 weeks at room temperature - if you don't think you'll use it up before 4 weeks, maybe consider the 16oz size.

Torani's sauces can also be used as a topping to various desserts - caramel on pie, chocolate on ice cream, white chocolate on brownies - the result is mind blowing. If blended well, they can make a great addition to frozen milk shakes as well.

Check out the home-made Caramel Macchiato Recipe and start saving your money today.

Sugar Free Sauces

Whether you're a diabetic or just looking to cut calories, it's difficult to find delicious sauces to add flavour back into your cooking and baking. Torani's Sugar Free Sauces give you the ability to make rich mochas and macchiatos as well as add chocolate topping to your snacks without worrying about the calories. Select from:

Holiday Themed Sauces

Part of the magic of the holidays is enjoying warming drinks that you only get during the holiday seasons. As the temperatures begin to drop, leaves change colours and halloween decor begins popping up in stores, Pumpkin Pie flavourings start to make they're seasonal appearance - especially in drinks and food! Torani's unique Pumpkin Pie Sauce lets you add delicious, perfectly crafted pumpkin pie flavouring to home-made drinks and desserts. No longer do you have to leave the comfort of your home or spend $5.00 at the local cafe, just grab a bottle and add it to lattes, cappuccinos and milk (or milk alternatives) steamers for your family to enjoy, at a fraction of the cost.

Skip forward a couple months and minty chocolate mochas start to call your name as Christmas music plays throughout stores. Torani hits the mark again with their Peppermint Bark Sauce that lets you make cafe-quality chocolate mochas in your kitchen. Nothing satisfies quite like a minty chocolate latte (or milk steamer for the kids) after coming in from the colder winter weather.