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Oregon Organic Chai Tea Concentrate is one of the original liquid concentrated organic chai tea lattes. Over the years it has been copied, but never quite fully imitated. The elaborate cinnamon and vanilla scent fills your entire house, making you salivate at the thought of taking that first electrifying sip of a Chai Latte. This perfect mix of black tea, honey, vanilla bean and various spices take you to another level. Just 30-35mg of caffeine per serving combined with the full flavour is enough to replace your morning coffee.

Oregon Chai ships from Canada to all major cities including Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax.

Oregon Chai Super Concentrate

The Super Concentrate 64 oz jug comes in a convenient pourable container with handle. This perfect combination of black tea, spices, honey and vanilla is super simple to make - just 1 part concentrate per 5 parts milk. Approximately 64 servings of 6-oz drink per jug. Pump also available for easy measuring.

Oregon Chai is also available in a powdered "The Original" Dry Mix - either a 3 pound bag or a case of 24 single serve packets. This signature blend of delicious black tea, spices, vanilla and honey removes the need to refrigerate and increase shelf life, allowing you to go through it at your own pace. With all-natural ingredients, you can feel happy about what you're putting into your body. Mix with water or milk.

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