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Low acid coffees are popular for their lower concentrations of the organic acids found in them, relative to other coffees. While these acids are actually healthy compounds, some portion of the population experiences upset stomachs due to them.

Different people will require different levels of reduction, and there are a number of factors that affect the coffee's acidity.


The most common low-acid coffees include those sourced from Brazil, Sumatra and Nicaragua.

Roast Level

The darker a coffee is roasted, the more acids are burnt off during the roasting process.

Select a dark roast for a lower acidity.

Brewing Method

The longer coffee grounds are exposed to hot water, the more acids are extracted from the grounds, into the brewed coffee.

A paper filter will remove more acids than a metallic filter.

Cold brewing (soaking grounds in water at room temperature, or in the fridge for 24 hours) will have the lowest acidity.

Decaffeinated Coffee

The decaf process removes not only caffeine, but many of the acids as well.

Impact on Flavour

The acids found in coffee contribute many of the health benefits, as well as key flavours. With the exception of cold brewing, reducing the acids in coffee will have a negative impact on many of the desirable characteristics of the coffee.

The right balance is entirely individual. We recommend trying a different combination of all the methods above to find one that works best for you.