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MONIN1150 = $14.73/bottle
(12+ bottles, Ontario Only)
MONIN11P = $15.15/bottle
(10+ bottles, Canada)
One coupon per order. 750 mL only. Shipping exceptions may apply.
  • All The Flavour With None of The Guilt
  • Flavouring for Lattes, Coffees and Sodas
  • 80+ Regular Monin Syrups Available
  • Free Shipping Over $59 in Canada!

Monin Sugar Free Syrups have the same gourmet flavours as the traditional syrups, without all the calories. Low carb syrups are great for those who are calorie conscious, and diabetics.

If you're wondering where to buy sugar free monin syrups in Canada, you've come to the right place! We'll ship directly to your door, across the country!

All of the flavour, none of the guilt

Flavouring for Lattes, Cappuccinos and Coffees

Regular Monin also available

We're unable to ship sugar-free syrups during winter months.