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Coffee Syrups and flavour shots are a simple way to mix up your daily coffee(s) with a new flavour. Simply add it to your favourite coffee or espresso-based beverage for a new world of taste.

Sold in 750mL (25oz) bottles, they generally contain 25 servings of 1oz each. Syrup strength and personal taste can sometimes vary, so a minority of flavours might only require 0.75oz while others might require 1.25oz.

Check out the reviews our customers have left on the product pages for more information.

Use a coffee syrup pump - which dispenses 0.25oz per pump - to accurately measure your doses and get the taste just right, every time.

Flavoured Coffee vs Coffee Syrups

Should you buy flavoured coffee, or use flavoured syrups? Coffee syrups offer a number of benefits over flavoured coffee. Like the fact that the ingredients must be on the label of the syrup by law - you know what makes the syrup flavoured and it's not just some generic chemical flavouring.

It also gives you the freedom to only add flavour when you want it, instead of having to drink an entire pound (40-50 cups) of a single flavoured coffee.

Coffee Syrup Choices

There are dozens of flavours available so that you don't have to drink the same flavoured coffee every day. Whether you're a fan of candy flavours, nutty flavours or holiday flavours, there's a wide array of choices for you.

Watching your weight or sugar intake? We have you covered with Sugar Free Coffee Syrups and coffee sweeteners.

Some retailers only let you purchase a 6 or 12-pack of a single flavour. We think that's wrong. Feel free to buy a multi-pack of different flavours or just a bottle or two at a time.

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Save Money with Flavoured Syrup

Coffee shops use flavoured syrups to make those specialty drinks (like italian soda syrups) that we all know and love. Those same syrups can be purchased at a fraction of the price and used at home. Whether you're a fan of Lattes, Cappuccinos or Macchiatos - you know that buying these drinks regularly can get expensive.

A typical mixed drink costs $4 to $5 at a national coffee chain in cities like Toronto and Montreal. The same drink can be made at home from Vancouver to Calgary, Edmonton or Winnipeg for under $1.00 by adding a shot of Torani Syrup.

That represents a 75% savings, which can add up to hundreds of dollars per year depending on your coffee habits.

Fontana Syrups is a popular brand associated with Starbucks that we don't currently carry. Other grocery store brands include Eclipse Syrups and Autocrat Syrup.

We recommend a syrup pump over a pour spout because it removes the need to constantly remove the cap, while keeping the syrups from going stale due to prolonged exposure to the air.

Syrups are great for changing up standard drinks. Add them to lemonade, alcoholic beverages or desserts to create a flavourful experience.

Sugar-free syrups are great additions to drinks for those who are carb-conscious. Not only can they be used in coffees, espressos, lattes and teas - they make a great addition to protein shakes, cottage cheese or oatmeal.

Flavor Coffee Syrups

Coffee Syrups come in a myriad of different flavours and brands, including Torani, Monin and 1883. While there are other brands that market themselves as coffee syrup, those 3 listed typically carry the largest range of choices and are known for the highest quality.

Flavors designed for coffee or espresso-based drinks include ones like Caramel, Vanilla, Hazelnut and Chocolate Macadamia Nut. They typically have a nutty or dessert-based influence, and are designed as a sugar-replacement in coffees, lattes, cappuccinos and macchiatos.

They've become popular in recent years due to the rise in high-end drinks from establishments like Starbucks, Second Cup and Timothy's. Previously only available to the cafes, brands like Torani are now available for purchase by consumers all over North America.

No longer do Canadians need to spend $4.50 to get a flavored coffee, for as low as $0.25/drink you can add a world of flavor.

Fruit Flavored Syrups

Typically, fruit flavored syrups are added to Italian Sodas or used in other non-coffee-based beverages. They usually closely replicate the taste of the fruit that they're named after, but have a consistency that makes it easy to mix into drinks.

This prevents you from having to keep a fresh stock of the fruit you'd like to add to your drink, while still enjoying a Pomegranate Martini for example.