Discounts and Coupons

All of our coupons are publicly listed category pages they're a part of, as well as on the products themselves.

Our take on this is very simple: we aim to have transparent and simple pricing. 

We do not send coupons/offers to any third party sites and do not honour any discounts listed anywhere aside from directly on


Our coffees are offered in:

  • 8-oz / 0.5-lb
  • 16-oz / 1-lb
  • 80-oz / 5-lb


bag size options for coffee: 8 oz, 16 oz, 80 oz

The price for each is listed per unit, as well as the calculated cost-per-pound equivalent. The reduced price for 5-lbs is due to the fact that we use 1 bag as opposed to multiple 1-lb bags. What you're saving is essential the cost of the bags.

Likewise, the 8-oz size requires twice as many bags as 16-oz, and therefore "costs" more per pound. This is because you're paying for more bags.

You can also select a custom roast for your coffee at no additional cost:

custom roast options for coffees: light, medium, dark, espresso

The real savings come from the volume-based discounts listed on the product pages. Discounts for the coffees range from 10% to 20% depending on your order size. See individual product pages for more details.