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Selection Guide:

If you haven't tried David Rio's Chai Teas before, start with the Tiger Spice. All other products are variations of the Tiger Spice:
  • Tiger Spice - The classic!
  • Elephant Vanilla + Vanilla
  • Toucan Mango + Mango
  • Red Panda + Pumpkin Spice
  • Green Tortois + Green Tea
  • Maple Moose + Maple
  • Orca Spice + Sugar Free
  • Tiger Spice Decaf + Decaf (formerly Giraffe Decaf)
  • Flamingo Vanilla + Vanilla + Sugar Free + Decaf

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Chai Tea is a popular substitute for regular coffee and tea drinkers, who are looking to change of their routine. It is typically a concentrate made from black tea, milk or cream, spices like cinnamon and sweetener.

David Rio is a premium brand of Chai Teas enjoyed the world over, and you can now enjoy David Rio Chai Tea Latte in Canada without paying tariffs and duties. Whether you live in Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg or Calgary you can order from a Canadian company and not worry about cross-border tariffs and taxes.

David Rio was founded in 1996 by Scott (David) and Rio while they were working on a line of specialty coffees and teas marketing in Japan. The two created their first powdered chai product - the Elephant Vanilla - and became an overnight hit among consumers and wholesalers. Their market expanded beyond the orient to North America with their "Tiger Spice", which had more kick than the original chai tea mix.

The Toroise Green Tea chai mix followed closely beyond, being the first chai powder made with premium green tea. These relatively modest beginnings spawned an entire product line enjoyed the world-over. We're happy to be your place for where to buy chai tea.

David Rio's corporate philosophy is to support animal welfare groups including the Humane Society and the SPCA. Their involvement in animal support explains the unconventional naming behind some of their products (like the David Rio Tiger Spice Chai). If you're wondering where to buy chai, you've found the right place for the right brand.

Chai Tea and Green Tea Chai makes a great substitute for a cup of coffee. The Chai Tea Latte Powder Concentrate is made of teas and spices, which naturally contains less caffeine than the same serving size coffee cup or mug - with far more taste. What it lacks in caffeine, it makes up for in awakening your senses.

Give your taste buds a little adventure by substituting your afternoon coffee for a cup of instant chai tea, and enjoy the benefits of lower caffeine intake. For non-chai teas, you can find out collection of Numi Organic Teas here.

Did You Know... The word "Chai" actually just translates to "tea" in many European and Asian languages. The actual term for Chai Tea is Masala Chai - though the term Chai is frequently used to described Masala in western culture.

Masala Chai is a type of tea that uses spices, sweetener, milk and typically black tea.

Nutrition Facts

David Rio carries a number of different products to suit different tastes and dietary restrictions. While most are full caffeinated and sweetened with cane sugar, David Rio has the Sugar Free Orca Spice for those who want to avoid sugar and calories but keep the caffeine, the Sugar Free Flamingo Decaf for those who don't want caffeine or sugar, and the Giraffe Decaf for those who don't want caffeine but prefer natural sugar.

Nutrition facts vary by product, and are listed directly on the product pages.

David Rio Tiger Spice Review

This is fantastic. That's not quite enough words so also: my amazing GF introduced me to this and we enjoy it with the use of a frother we bought for $12. Yum. It's fantastic. Just got some more for gifts and work!