Bunn My Cafe MCU Pod Brewer

Bunn My Cafe MCU Pod Brewer
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It's not often we bring in brewing equipment, but the Bunn MCU Brewer is an exception. Giving you the option to use either K-Cups, coffee pods or fresh-roasted ground coffee (and loose leaf tea) opens up the world of choice to you - giving you more quality at lower prices. Ships for FREE!

The Bunn My Cafe MCU Brewer is a multi-purpose coffee and tea maker, capable of brewing:
  1. K-Cups
  2. Ground Coffee and Loose Leaf Tea
  3. Coffee Pods and Tea Bags
  4. Hot Water

The K-Cup attachment (included) allows you to brew traditional K-Cups, letting you countinue to enjoy your favourite flavoured coffees and hot chocolates.

The ground coffee attachment (included) opens up options for fresh-roasted, ground coffee from anywhere in the world. Coffee is a product that is best within a week or two of being roasted, and should be ground as close as possible to the date you use it. Unlike k-cups or coffee pods which may have been roasted and ground months before-hand, ground coffee from roasters like us is at your door within days. It's simply impossible to match the flavour with pre-packaged coffee.

The coffee pod attachment (included) lets you make coffee with easy-to-use coffee pods or tea bags if you have a pod that you just can't live without.

Lastly, the hot water attachment (included) lets you dispense hot water for tea or hot chocolate, or even to pour into a bowl of noodles!

Compared with pre-packed coffee pods or k-cups, ground coffee is 50%-80% less expensive, costing just 0.20-0.25 per serving vs. 0.50-0.80 per serving for k-cups. With the Bunn MCU, you get the ease of single-servings of coffee with the quality and cost-savings of ground coffee.

Add a pound of smooth-tasting Brazilian Coffee, complex and earthy Sumatran Coffee or bright and fruity Costa Rican Coffee.

About the Bunn MCU Pod Brewer

The hot water can also be dispensed directly into a cup or bowl using the hot water attachment, making for quick cooking of oats, noodles, gelatin and instant coffee. Adjustable drink sizes range from 4 ounces to 14 ounces, all in under a minute. Accommodates mugs up to 6', for travel mugs first brew into a regular mug and pour into a travel mug.

The multi-drawer attachment is what makes this machine so versatile - the instructions clearly lay out how each is used and the serving size required. The inner working of the machine is fairly simple aside from the multiple adapters, with the only real option is whether to set for a countinuous pour of a pulse pour (better for darker roasts that require a little extra extraction time). Thanks to it's simplicity, it turns out to be a very robust and sturdy machine with low incidences of problems.

Among the primary differences from a standard Keurig brewer is the lack of a water reservoir - the Bunn My Cafe cleverly uses all the water you pour into the top of the unit, allowing you to 100% control how large of the finished drink you get. This not only saves energy as it keeps you from heating more water than you need, but also allows you to make a cup indefinitely with under a minute for each.

Like any coffee maker, this unit requires water with a normal mineral content in order to fully develop the flavour of the coffee and for the internal sensors to function properly. Distilled or reverse osmosis water is not appropriate for use in this machine.

There is no 'automatic off' on the machine, though it does enter a sleep mode after 26 hours of no use. The internal water temperature can not be adjusted.

Some customers have said it's a little noisier than the Keurig B70, but that it's also about 25% smaller. The versatility of the machine allows you to make a single cup of whatever you have on hand, whether it's a k-cup, ground coffee, coffee/tea pods or loose leaf tea. It's as if Bunn took all the feedback that Keurig should have, and made them a new, better machine.

Those who generally find that k-cups make a cup of coffee to small or too weak will love the ground coffee attachment - which allows you to add up to 20 grams of ground coffee for a large, strong cup of coffee. For comparison, most K-Cups have 10-12 grams of coffee.

  • Dimensions: 12.1' H x 7.2' W x 10.1' D
  • Volts: 120, Amps: 11.9, Watts: 1425
  • Weight: 10.4 pounds
  • Model: MCU

Repairs and Warranty issues handled by Bunn. All sales are final, we do not accept returns on this item. In order to facilitate a repair/replacement, you must:

  1. Contact Bunn at the customer service number in the manual to troubleshoot and attempt to return directly to Bunn
  2. If instructed by Bunn to return to BuyCoffeeCanada, get the 'Return Authorization Number' from the Bunn representative and contact us by replying to the Order Confirmation, Order Update, or Tracking Number emails we have sent to you (you have a customized email address specific to your order when you hit 'reply')