Other companies are highly secretive of their wholesale bulk coffee pricing. 

We aren't.

Wholesale pricing is simply 25% off the listed prices, shipping excluded. That's 25% off the price you see on the product page:

coffee prices dropdown

You always pay shipping on wholesale. There is no free shipping for wholesale accounts.

You can not use coupons on top of this discount, so ignore any pricing you see like this: 

coffee discounts

Wholesale bulk coffee pricing is offered to qualified customers who are capable of placing an order without hand-holding. We like to think of ourselves as a self-service vending machine for coffee supplies, and we're always happy to answer any questions you have.

How to Qualify for Wholesale

  1. All customers begin by placing their first order online, going through the regular checkout process
  2. Reach out to us after your order has been delivered to have us activate your wholesale account
  3. Your order must ship to a commercial address. Residential addresses do not qualify for wholesale

This process is a quality check, which ensures that you are capable of ordering the bulk volumes required, and are capable of entering billing and shipping information correctly.

Alternatively, if you're currently spending $500+/month on coffee from a competing supplier, we can shortcut the process. Reach out to us to get started.

Why aren't wholesale discounts higher?

Some companies make up obviously fake list prices so that they can offer discounts that look like big numbers. We don't do this. We start with an aggressively priced product that's accessible to everyone, regardless of whether they're a business or consumer.

This is simply a matter of respect for your intelligence.

There's nothing inherently special about running a "business". What is special about businesses, is their ability to purchase large bulk volumes. This is where economies of scale come in and the ratio of overhead to raw-product-cost allows us to reduce costs.

It doesn't matter to us whether you're a little old lady ordering $300/month, or a shop that orders $300/month - both deserve the same price based on merit.

Many of our long-term customers are regular consumers who order higher volumes that some of our wholesale customers, and deserve the same pricing.

Shipping Costs

Shipping cost is always in addition to wholesale pricing. This is the only way to ensure that everybody across Canada pays the same price for the products.

Shipping costs vary across the country, so we're unable to provide an estimate.

Generally, the shipping cost as a percentage of total order value remains consistent between 60-lbs and 500-lbs.

This means that whether you order 600-lbs every 6 months, or 100-lbs every month, your shipping costs will be roughly the same as a percentage of total order cost.

Because of this, we recommend ordering smaller quantities on a more regular basis. Our coffee is a fresh-roasted product, and we recommend ordering at minimum once per month. Stale coffee is bad coffee.

Why can't I ship to a residential address?

Wholesale orders should generally be large enough to be multi-piece shipments, which are only feasible through couriers such as Canpar, UPS and FedEx. CanadaPost charges per-package.

Additionally, couriers charge residential delivery fees.

Finally, most couriers will deliver during regular business hours (Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm), which is contradictory to most commercial businesses.

We are able to accommodate restricted hours, such as if you're closed Mondays, or if you don't open until 11:00 am.

Larger discounts

We are able to offer higher discounts to long-term customers who have proven to be low-risk. We identify low risk customers as those who:

  • order on a regular basis
  • don't have issues receiving shipments
  • don't have bounced payments
  • don't regularly demand expedited shipping because they can't manage their time

This is essentially a loyalty discount for customers who are low maintenance.

Please reach out to us after you've cumulatively ordered 2,000 lbs.