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Coffee Fraction Packs (or "frac packs") are conveniently packaged so that they can be easily torn open and put into a glass-pot coffee maker. 

These are ideal for fast-paced, cost-sensitive foodservice businesses that still value quality, such as:

  • restaurants
  • hotels
  • hospitals
  • casinos
  • banquet halls

Available in:

  • 2.00 oz
  • 2.25 oz
  • 2.50 oz
  • 2.75 oz

The same 100% high-quality Arabica coffee beans your guests love are available freshly roasted, right from within Canada! State-of-the-art packaging prevents coffee from losing flavour prematurely, allowing your guests to enjoy delicious coffee, anytime.

We have the ability to custom-print your logo on the packs as well.

Simple, Transparent pricing.

We offer fractional packs, urn packs and single serve pods for hotels, lodging and catering.

It's no secret, Coffee and Tea are some of the most profitable items on any menu.

Give your travellers a cup of coffee they won't soon forget, helping you build loyalty with guests who know they're being served the best coffee they've ever had while on the road.

Our in-room coffee supplies make it quick and easy for your staff, while maximizing the enjoyment of your guests. Contact us today for special pricing.

Let us help you with the right equipment for making coffee and tea for your guests.

By popular request, we now also Private Label in-room coffee bags for you, building brand loyalty with a customized experience. Reinforce your brand right on the package of coffee that your guests will love.

It doesn't just stop at in-room coffee, we can help with lunch, dinner banquet hall and break-room coffee as well.

Restaurant Coffee Packs

The same coffee bags/packs are used by restaurants as Hotels, with just as much emphasis being put on the quality of the coffee. An estimated 60% of customers say that their decision to return to a restaurant can be impacted by the quality of the coffee.

Don't leave it up to chance, contact us today for a sample and compare.