Buy Monin Smoothie Mix from Canada

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  • Simple to Make: Just add 4-oz ice to 4-oz real fruit smoothie mix, blend and serve!
  • Nutritious: No dairy, caffeine or fats!
  • Delicious: Nothing beats the taste of genuine puree'd fruit.
  • Easy to Pour: With twist-off cap and tetra pack

Monin's Premium Quality Smoothie Mix makes real fruit smoothies a snap. Monin's tireless search for natural ingredients take them all over the world, it is those premium ingredients that are formulated into the delicious products people have come to know and love.

Those premium ingredients are available here in a fruit smoothie, or in Monin's Organic Syrups.

The Monin smoothie line was brought in as a replacement to Torani smoothies due to breakage issues with shipping the flimsy plastic Torani container.

Monin's smoothies are packed in rectangular tetra packs, which are more robust for shipping, and should result in product arriving intact on the first shipment.

Each container has 11 servings of 8oz finished product. Simply combine 4oz of smoothie mix with 4oz of ice, blend and pour!

Must be refrigerated after opening. Make delicious smoothies including: tea smoothies, lemonade smoothies, sparkling water drinks, frozen cocktails and mocktails.