BuyCoffeeCanada Blogger Program

The BuyCoffeeCanada Blogger program is aimed at providing Canadian bloggers with samples to review and product for giveaways.

How It Works

1. Enter Your Information We need information about your blog to assess suitability for the program. Bloggers are sorted by our system by highest number of subscribers and followers on various networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) and reader engagement. All bloggers are encouraged to apply.

2. Get Your Products Once a week we select a blogger to send a bottle of Torani syrup (or coffee if preferred) of their choice to review and try out at no cost to them.

3. Provide Your Feedback! You write a blog post covering your personal opinion of it (regardless of whether good or bad), with pictures of how you used it (coffees, lattes, italian sodas, baking, martinis) and let your readers know they can win a bottle of Torani syrup (or coffee) by leaving a comment.

How to Disclose Your Relationship With BuyCoffeeCanada

Make sure to specify that you were sent the product for review during the post and link readers to for more information.

Engagement on Your Blog

We begin all our relationships with bloggers - large or small - in the form of a review + giveaway contest to assess working relationship. So why would you want to run a contest?

  • People love getting things for free. It could garner additional followers for your blog at no cost to you
  • It generates comments and reader involvement on your end
  • It allows us to assess whether the relationship is mutually beneficial