Chai Tea Latte

Chai Tea Lattes are a delicious alternative to traditional coffee and Lattes. Comprised of Chai Tea and steamed milk, they're fairly simple to make and extremely savoury.

Novus Spiced Chai Bigelow Chai Green Tea

Brew Your Own with Novus/Bigelow

You can use regular chai tea in the form of tea bags, and add your own steamed milk, cardamom and cinnamon for a more basic chai tea. We recommend choosing from the Novus Spiced Chai and Bigelow Chai Green Tea here. We recommend steaming the milk and then putting the tea bags directly into the milk for a full flavour infusion, as opposed to simply pouring steamed milk into chai made with water.

Torani Spiced Chai Syrup

Simplicity: Chai Spice Syrup

The simplest solution is to use a Chai spice syrup, add it to milk and steam the two together. Torani's Chai Spice Syrup is in liquid form and very concentrated. It mixes readily with milk and the pump can be used to control the strength of the Chai Tea Latte. Simply add the syrup to a glass of milk, steam it - and your Chai Latte is ready.

There are dozens of other latte syrups available, offering a whole range of flavouring options, whatever your personal tastes. Flavouring syrups like vanilla and cinnamon are very commonly added to chai lattes to bring out specific aspects or flavours of a chai.

Variety: David Rio Chai

David Rio makes a number of different flavours of chai tea in powdered form. These are authentic powdered chai teas using actual tea and spices. The powder must be mixed with the milk (or water) after steaming.

Which is the best?

There is no "best" option - your choice will depend on what you prefer. The Torani Chai Spice Syrup is the simplest to make and offers the taste of chai spice, without actual tea and spices. The David Rio chai teas offer a variety of flavours with authentic ingredients that have been ground into a powder that makes it quite simple to make as well. Finally, brewing your own allows you the most customization and full control of what ingredients are used in making it.

David Rio Tiger Spice Chai

If you're undecided, we recommend beginning with the David Rio Tiger Spice Chai and trying others as you learn to pick out which aspects of the chai you prefer, whether it's the cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg or cloves, there will always be some way to customize your chai latte. Other flavours like the David Rio Green Tortoise (green tea) and David Rio Elephant Vanilla (vanilla infusion) are worth checking out - you never know if you'll like something until you try it.