Coffee Weights

All of our coffees are packaged on scales that are legal for commercial tender scales and certified by Measurement Canada via STEC Industrial Solutions Inc.

For roasted coffee, these weights represent the post-roasting weight, not the pre-roasting weight.

The scale is tared (reset to zero) with the bag on it, so that only the coffee added to the bag is counted.

On average, we go over selling weight by 3%:

  • 13g on 1-lb bags
  • 68g on 5-lbs bags

This overage is not guaranteed and not a part of the offer on the product page.

What to do if your scale says the bags are under weight

Do not open the bag. Once the bag has been opened, we consider it tampered with. 

  1. Immediately reply to the order confirmation email, and we will arrange to have the bags picked up and re-weighed at our facility, using our $5,000 legal for-trade scales that are inspected and certified by the Government of Canada.
  2. If the bags are found to be underweight, we'll re-ship fresh roasted coffee plus a credit.
  3. If the bags weigh the correct amount, you'll have to pay pay all shipping costs from your location to us, as well as back to you.

Being certified and selling weighted goods commercial, we have immense liability, and responsibility to accurately weigh and sell goods to the public.

Because of this, our scales are the final say on weight matters. Your consumer-grade scale, no matter how accurate you think it is and proud you are of it, has no validity.

As a family-owned company that has been selling coffee for over 50 years, we have no interest in nickle and diming our customers. Our products are properly priced so that we don't need to "skim" from people.