Delivery Instructions

All standard shipping policies also apply.

Delivery Instructions allows you to provide couriers with additional information about how you'd like the shipment delivery. We pass this information along to the courier on your behalf.

Couriers include:

  • CanadaPost (Parcels)
  • Canpar (Transforce)
  • UPS
  • FedEx

Unless "Signature Required" is selected during checkout, all packages are delivered "Drop at Door".

Note that even with "Drop at Door", all delivery people at all couriers can simply decide not to drop at door and neither we (or any merchant) have any influence over this at all.

 Signature Required

The "Signature Required" delivery option is available as a shipping method during checkout.

You'll be required to sign for the shipment in order to receive it. Couriers may make up to 3 delivery attempts, or sometimes, none at all.

Couriers may or may not accept a signature from concierge in apartments and condominiums.

If you do not live near the specified courier's delivery center, you may have to travel a significant distance to sign for and pick up your package.

If you do not pick up the package from the delivery center, your package will be returned to us as "undeliverable". See the shipping policy for more information about "undeliverable" packages.

Drop at Door

Unless "Signature Required" is selected during checkout, all packages are delivered "Drop at Door".

Couriers will leave your package at your door if they feel it is safe to do so. Any special shipping instructions should be entered in the "Notes" section during check out. Examples are:

  • Buzz Code 123
  • Do Not Safe Drop
  • Leave on Back Deck

This grants the courier permission to leave your package at your door. You take full liability of having the package stolen. We will not issue a refund or reship lost or stolen packages. Use at your own risk.

You further agree to accept the package in the condition that it's in, including any freezing damage to liquid products during freezing weather.

Proof of delivery when you opt to "Drop at Door" is that the courier says it has been delivered.

Note: Couriers may, or may not, leave the package with building concierge in apartments and condominiums. The courier may or may not deliver to a neighbour.

About couriers

We contract delivery of your order to couriers on your behalf, and have very limited influence in how they perform.

Due to the way these are implemented and enforced at different couriers, we can't guarantee that the service will perform exactly as you have it in your head.

Couriers have unlimited leeway in how they enforce these options, and sometimes the last-mile driver simply decides to ignore all special instructions.