DIY Italian Sodas with Torani and Sodastream

Italian Soda Syrups are an easy, delicious drink to make for yourself at home instead of paying $4.00-$5.00 at a major chain of coffee shops. The ingredients are simply: Carbonated water and flavoured syrup.

With the rising popularity of the sodastream DIY-at-home carbonated water maker, Canadians are looking for flavouring options, and we have them!

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Torani’s Italian Soda Syrups have over 30 unique fruit-themed flavours to choose from, offering dozens of possible flavours and even unique combinations! Make a Pina Colada mocktail with Torani Coconut Syrup and Torani Lime Syrup.

There are a couple brands of flavouring products on the market, sometimes sold alongside the Sodastream machines. While they tend to be on the cheap side – their flavours also seem to taste cheap and inauthentic.

Nothing quite compares to genuine Torani flavour syrups.

Sugar Free Italian Soda Syrups

Many of the fruit-flavoured syrups also have sugar-free variations, sweetened with Splenda to keep your daily calories in check. With over 80 years of flavouring experience, Torani’s syrups are full-flavoured without the chemical after-taste sometimes associated with artificial sweeteners.

Check out the Torani Sugar Free Syrups page of the flavour you’d like to find out more.