Liquids such as syrups, chais and dairy alternatives are susceptible to freezing in sub-zero weather.

By ordering liquid products, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. Products are shipping solely at the purchasers request
  2. The purchaser accepts all liability and responsibility for loss and damage
  3. We do not offer refunds for products damaged due to freezing

You can reduce the odds of freezing by purchasing 96 hour shipping warmers to be included with your shipment. Also, please be aware of the fact that most couriers leave parcels at your door if they deem it safe to do so. Extended periods outside will cause the liquids to freeze rendering the shipping warmer useless. So, your order could have been perfectly intact upon delivery but froze while it sat outside if you were not home at the time of delivery. Requesting a signature or noting special delivery instructions on your order will be added to the shipping instructions to the courier.

The full shipping policy applies.

Shipping delays

We check the weather at the shipping location prior to shipping the order to estimate the odds of freezing occurring.

We also check the weather along the shipping route to try to avoid extreme weather on route (eg. cold snaps in Winnipeg, if shipping to Vancouver).

If we see that there is a particularly cold period, or are concerned that shipments would be delayed when shipping just before the weekend, we'll delay the shipment to help avoid damage.

This can cause delays of a couple days, and even up to a week or more.

We recommend you allow for 1-2 weeks of leeway by ordering far ahead of time.

Odds of damage

This varies by location and is unpredictable ahead of time, as even weather forecasts change. 

Things that affect the chances of freezing include: 

  • lower temperatures (more extreme weather)
  • product line (sugar free is more susceptible)
  • shipping time (the west coast and remote locations take longer)
  • delays in shipping from the courier (due to courier congestion)

Expedited shipping 

You may request a quote for expedited shipping of your package to ensure it arrives in less than 96 hours. This can get very expensive for Canada, and is completely outside of our control.