Green Coffee Bean Purchase Contract

Due to frequent orders of mixed truckloads, we generally don't allow for large purchases of certain specialty coffees. We can make an exception to this through a purchase contract.

Under the terms of a purchase contract, we add your required volumes to our regular purchases and ensure you have a regular supply of specialty coffee. For each origin you'd like, you'll need to provide exactly:

  • what quantity (eg. 200 lbs)
  • what frequency (eg. monthly)
  • what time period (eg. 1 year)

For example, you would tell us you require:

  1. 150 lbs Brazil Santos - monthly - 6 months
  2. 150 lbs Colombian Supremo - monthly - 6 months

We can accommodate small fluctuations above the contract amount, and contracts can be adjusted with 3 months notice.


We require a deposit of 10% of the contract value, which is refundable upon completion of the contract.

For the example above with a hypothetical price of $7.00/lb:

  • 300 lbs x $7.00/lb = $2100 per month
  • $2100 x 6 = $12,600 purchase contract
  • $12,600 x 10% = $1,260 deposit

Failing to complete the contract results in a forfeiture of the deposit. This is to avoid customers that aren't committed to completing the purchase.