How many beans in a cup of coffee?

Coffee is a daily routine (read: necessity) for most of us, but how much do we actually know about it? Most of the time, as long as it gets us up in the morning we don’t care, but we recently had a customer ask exactly how many beans are in a cup of coffee.

And we had no idea.

So we found out for you!

A cup of coffee (whether done by the pot or in a single serving pod) is typically between 7-10g of coffee. So we took out our scale and added beans our Gold Espresso Blend) until the scale tipped 10 grams.

In total, there were 76 beans making up those 10 grams, or just about 1/8 of a gram per bean. There are a few important things to note however:

As a coffee is roasted towards the darker end of the scale (espresso, full city, vienna, etc) it loses more and more moisture as the sugars are caramelized and begin to burn.

That means a light roast actually will weigh more per bean than a darker roast

Different origins and blends of coffee will have different sized beans, and not all beans within a single blend are consistently sized. Although there are size-restrictions on many coffees (“AA” and “Excelso” and “Supremo”), there will always be some deviation.

As a general reference though – you now know that your cup of coffee contains roughly 76 coffee beans, which came from 38 coffee cherries that were hand-picked by someone in a far-off foreign country.

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