Low Price Guarantee

The Low Price Guarantee means that you will always pay the lowest price for your products.

price match guarantee

We want to ensure that our customers are comfortable buying from us, and that we have the best shopping experience at competitive prices. We promise to offer you the same price (or better) than other Canadian companies.

Find any product marked with the "Low Price Guarantee" on another Canadian site with the same shipping offer and we'll match it - Guaranteed.


low price guarantee product display text


If you do find a better price on another Canadian website, we will credit you the difference - even up to 30 days after your purchase. Our commitment is to providing Canadians with the best online shopping experience at competitive prices.


Valid on products marked with a Low Price Guarantee. Promotional pricing excluded. Valid only on the first order placed for new customers. Valid only in major cities across Canada. BuyCoffeeCanada reserves the right to evaluate a competing offer as valid at its sole discretion.