Welcome to the new BuyCoffeeCanada

On December 29th, 2019 we migrated our store to the Shopify platform.

We've done our best to catch everything that was being used on the older website, but if you can't find a specific page or product, shoot us an email directly and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Our technical team will be actively monitoring incoming emails to resolve any issues that come up.

Account and Password

We were unable to preserve your password during transition because we don't store plaintext passwords for security reasons. This means that you'll need to:

Your account login is the same email as you used on the previous site.

Note: if you get a response from the password reset form saying your email doesn't exist or isn't recognized, go ahead and create a new account instead. Your previous orders should be automatically imported.

Previous Orders

Your previous orders should be available on your account page once logged in.

If you have any questions, or see something that isn't right, please contact us by email.

What's been updated?

  • Roasted coffee
    • Instead of having separate pages for 1 lb and 5 lb bags, all bag sizes are now available on a single page, with the price per pound easily viewable
    • We've added 1/2 lb (8 oz) package sizing
    • For additional quality control, each bag of coffee is now individually weighed again before shipping, using a legal-for-trade scale, and has a back-label that contains the roast date, and the actual bag weight
    • We've added a light roast option!
  • Sidebar navigation removed, and merged into the navigation menu at the top
  • Improved mobile display
    • Additional shipping options on the shopping cart page

    • Additional courier options at checkout
      • Additional courier options, so that you can choose the one that works best in your area, including:
        • CanadaPost
        • Canpar (Transforce)
        • FedEx
        • UPS
    • Coming soon: private label coffee

      Why Shopify?

      A key factor that went into moving to Shopify was their best-in-class security, which aligns with our values when it comes to protecting consumer privacy. Just like the old store, we have no record of your password or credit card information, which helps protect you online, in an age of data leaks. 

      Aside from also being a Canadian company, Shopify has steadily rolled out new and exciting features that we're sure you'll love. We've been following their progress for over 5 years and they've finally started catching up to industry best practices. 

      While there are some limitations still to overcome, we'll be working on resolving these over the following months and years to bring you the best coffee experience anywhere in Canada.